Forney | Winter is COMING – Don’t forget the 4 Ps!

·January 15, 2024·Real Estate Tips·0 min·

🌨️ Stay Safe in the Cold! Remember the Four P's: People, Pets, Pipes, Plants 🌨️

Four-panel illustration showing winter safety tips: bundled-up person, cozy pet, dripping faucet, and protected plant.

1️⃣ People: Bundle up! Wear layers, hats, scarves, and gloves. Limit time outdoors to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

2️⃣ Pets: Keep your furry friends warm. Bring them inside or provide a warm shelter outside.

3️⃣ Pipes: Prevent freezing. Let faucets drip and keep cabinet doors open to circulate warm air.

4️⃣ Plants: Protect from frost. Cover outdoor plants with burlap or frost cloths. Stay warm and safe this winter! ❄️🧣🐾🌱

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